Unique workouts catered to each individual's needs, wants and goals.

My philosophy toward my clients and students, is to basically approach every person as an individual and every individual on a daily basis, always assessing they're growth and always take into account their daily lives! I'm a compassionate person and trainer but "I expect the best of that day".


I couldn't imagine a world without the Power Serge Sergio! His workouts have changed my life (and body!); I've never seen both insanely fast and dramatic results even in my past fitness print days. He's now fixing my problem areas after helping me drop 20 pounds and toning me up, but 100 times better than any definition I used to have. And the workouts are incredible - fun, fat-burning, intense sessions that leave me feeling on cloud nine every time.

Sheila Vossough

Sergio Carbajal is hands down the best in his field. I have been training for years but I have never achieved the body that I wanted until I met him. I started off attending his classes made up of insane, endorphin filled kick cardio and then started one on one training with him. We accomplish so much in one hour, I have the tight, toned body I always wanted while enhancing my "juicy booty" that I like. He makes working out something to look forward to and enjoyable. Is that even possible? Yes! His workout has made my muscles long and lean and I have more definition than I have ever had before. Hello abs!!!

Christine Silverman

Sergio's work is both holistic and transformative in ways that depth psychologists, life coaches, and spiritual "gurus" might hope to be. He understands the body as a gateway to possibility; that the outer work must reach to the inner depths of the psyche for it to achieve integral health and lasting results. Not only is my body more optimized after a training session with Sergio, my mind is equally challenged and enhanced. It is simply not possible to do a handstand while thinking "I can't do a handstand." His first order of business is to condition both body and mind towards the possible in ourselves with a keen awareness of exactly where we are at and a total confidence in all we can achieve. He does not accept "No," but simply finds colorful routes to encourage you to fitness levels that seem impossible at first. He is a keen expert with a quick wit, coyote sensibilities, and a self assurance in approach that swiftly becomes yours. My entire outlook on life has changed since working with him and continues to unfold: optimism, courage, capacity, confidence, fluidity, strength, aesthetic, vitality. I now live in a physical and mental state of grace that evolves with each session he personally tailors for me. I would sooner go without food than Sergio. It's a big statement, and I mean it to the depths of my soul. He is a treasure among men, the Mount Everest of fitness experts. There is nothing and no one like him. Period.


When I first met Sergio the depth of his knowledge, skill, and experience instantly impressed me. The routine he teaches in his classes encourages continuous growth, and in personal training he will help you reach goals you never thought attainable. Whether you are a beginner, workout buff, overweight, or just looking to become stronger he can help transform you physically, mentally, while supporting you emotionally. Sergio trained me throughout my pregnancy, and gave me the drive to gain my body back. He has the ability to motivate his clients push them to their limits, and help them create a healthy lifestyle. He provokes a fighting sense within his clients that is magical to watch. He is real, raw, inspiring, and never takes an hour of your time for granted. If you get to work out with him, you are the lucky one.


PowerSerge is the only workout that pushes my cardiovascular capacity to the brink. Frankly, No other instructor has created such a demanding workout to a musical pace which is so in sync with the movements. I have learned to concentrate on the music to get me over the wall when I feel like quitting. Hearing and feeling my own heartbeat makes me feel powerful and I know that I am doing something amazing for my body.

I love PowerSerge and I will never quit doing PowerSerge as part of my exercise routine. I've been doing this unique workout for over 7 years and it still works.



Don't wait. Become the best you can be with Powerserge.