Diana & Ajang

lost 46lbs in 4 months
lost 64lbs in 4.5 months

After having 3 kids, It felt like my body had gone through a war zone! I’m sure every-mother can relate to feeling like your body has been permanently changed and you don’t feel like yourself! I felt so helpless because I tried dieting, as well as every possible workout including other trainers, only to being left completely frustrated!

Then I heard of Sergio and the transformations that he has made - I went to meet him as I had nothing to lose. I embarked on a journey which transformed my body as well as my mind. I didn’t think I would have a second chance at getting close to what my body was before, now I’m in better shape than prior to having kids! This journey has not only changed my life, but also the lifestyle of our family. My husband and I are now able to be great examples for our children and their future!

Sergio, You are our inspiration, our mentor and our best friend! You are an angel that was put into our life. We are both really lucky to have you in our lives!

- Diana

After going in for a routine physical- I learned my being overweight had caused me to be pre-diabetic. I suffered from high blood pressure and my cholesterol was so high I could float! My wife was midway through her own weight loss transformation, so she sent me to see Sergio, an experience I’ll never forget! After I started working out with him, I was permanently sore from the crazy workouts he put me through! He completely changed my diet, put me on a vitamin - supplement regimen, and in no time I lost the weight! Also, I was gaining muscle so I never had loose, flabby skin! Not only did he transform my body, Sergio also and most importantly changed my way of thinking in terms of health, my relationship with food and my lifestyle!

I can honestly say that because of Sergio I’m in the best health and shape of my life! He is so passionate and cares so much for people! Sergio gets You results and is much cheaper than a trip to the emergency!!! Haha

- Ajang


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