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I have lived a lifetime filled with fitness. I was raised as a young boxer training with my father a professional boxer. I was always active and involved in some type of athletic endeavor, from running track at school, dancing to taking classes at the Joffrey ballet-New York to earning a dance scholarship which eventually led me to LA to dance professionally for over 20 years! I continued to hone my skills in kickboxing and gymnastics eventually touring with the post Olympic gymnasts and partnering with Nadia Comaneci, the worlds first perfect 10.

A winner never whines

My diverse training and discipline coupled with my passion is why I am extremely knowledgeable about great health and proper fitness. I have trained very hard over the years to acquire these crafts which are gifts to me and I am able to incorporate many aspects of my background to my personal training clients as well as in my PowerSerge group workouts.

My students not only feel like they got a great workout, but walk out knowing they’ve learned something about working out wether it’s safety, isolating muscles to achieve the maximum results or various kick progressions

– combinations. I always add something new to keep the workouts fun, interesting and challenging.
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What sets me apart from other trainers, aside from my vast, extensive and diversified training is my ability to put all these components to work. I am also motivated by my own personal drive to make a change/difference in each individual towards better overall health and proper fitness techniques.

The decision to become a personal trainer did not happen overnight with a two day CrashCourse in personal training as a means to make some quick money. Fitness has always been a part of my life and I take this aspect of me very seriously!

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