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Unique workouts catered to each individual's needs, wants and goals.

I approach every client and student as an individual, and every individual on a daily basis. I am always assessing their growth and taking into account their daily life. I’m a compassionate person and trainer, but “I expect the best of that day”!

Private Personal Training

Sergio is the best in the fitness industry and will get you results by utilizing his vast and diverse training acquired throughout his life as an athlete and professional dancer.

World class personal training FOR EVERYONE!, Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, Sergio works with you every step of the way. Together with Sergio, you will break down barriers to unveil your true potential and take you to new heights you never thought possible.

With his knowledgeable experience of the mind-body connection, you’ll be setting and breaking personal records and achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of having!

Your results are my successes.

Group Fitness

Sergio has developed a program called POWERSERGE and it is unlike anything out there.

This is a FACT!!!
POWERSERGE is a workout program for everyone. It is a super high calorie burning workout to help you get Shredded! POWERSERGE classes are a plyometric, calorie torching, fun cardio workout that combines specific and creative combinations stemming from the world of martial arts and dance.

Quick, intense lengthening movements combined with muscle toning exercises using small sculpting weights will get your body shredded- guaranteed! Whether you’re ready for a high impact workout, or need a low impact class, POWERSERGE has modifications to suit all needs.

POWERSERGE is not just one thing, it is everything creative, fun, intense and exhilarating!

Let Me Transform You

I focus on creating unique fun and extremely competitive workouts to enhance your mind body and soul.
Let's make the "impossible" happen!

I take my knowledge and craft that I have gained throughout my life and combine it with love , care and compassion and apply it to people who need weight loss, transformations, muscle gain, strength training, calisthenics, flexibility or simply the community of a group fitness workout.

LA’s #1 Private Fitness Trainer
Powerserge Fitness

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